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Full-time position available with the Kossuth County Environmental Health and Weed Commissioner Departments. Performs professional level sanitarian duties in the inspection, investigation, documentation and enforcement of state laws and county ordinances related to environmental health. Responsible for the administration and operation of Weed Control in accordance with Iowa Code Chapter 317. Responsible for the control and destruction of all noxious weeds in the county, including those growing within the limits of cities, within the confines of abandoned cemeteries, and along streets and highways. A bachelor's degree in public or environmental health, chemistry, biology or related science field or Two years of experience as a Sanitarian or any satisfactory combination of experience and training which demonstrates the knowledge, skills and ability to perform the above described duties. 

Application may be obtained at the office of Kossuth County Human Resources Department, 114 W. State Street, Algona, Iowa 50511 or our website at: Applications will be accepted until December 8th or until the position is filled. 



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