Pictured above - left to right: Don Simmons, Sophia Walsh, James Bechtel, Sandy Bubke, Jessica Sheridan, Michelle Clausen Rosendahl, Toby Welch.  Not shown: Janet Ott. 

The governing body of the Iowa Environmental Health Association consists of a President, President Elect, Past President, Secretary, Treasurer, and three members at large, all of whom were elected by peers to serve as IEHA representatives. 


President  -  Michelle Clausen Rosendahl (Siouxland District Health Department)
President Elect - Don Simmons (State Hygienic Lab) 
Past President - Sandy Bubke (Monona County) 
Treasurer- Janet Ott (Clayton County)
Secretary - Jessica Sheridan  (Hardin County)

Member at Large - James Bechtel (Johnson County)

Member at Large - Sophia Walsh (Cerro Gordo County)
Member at Large - Toby Welch (Dallas County)


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